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Bringing Convenience to Modern Travelers

About their story

The Streets Apartments was started by a group of travelers that wanted a new way to stay in the city they call home, Barcelona. All the apartments were hand picked and are located in the heart of the city in buildings with modern, fresh interiors that reflect the incomparable spirit of Barcelona.

Today The Streets Apartments represent 80 apartments located in 7 different buildings, hosting guests from all around the world all year long.

Why Hotelcloud ?

Among Streets Apartments' objectives in choosing Hotelcloud, the will to : 

  • Making guests feel like home
  • Provide guests with the convenience of hotel services
  • Guide guests with local tips as if they were a group of long lasting friends

The Guest Experience

  • « Feeling at Home » Emotion

Any guest deciding to stay at The Streets Apartments has the desire to find the comfort of home when stepping in any of the 80 flats.
This emotion is an important part of the brand identity and therefore strongly conveyed to guests, especially during the their journey preparation.

Before any guests arrives, a pre-stay email is automatically sent via Hotelcloud, to welcome guests ‘home’. Along with this message, guest are informed about the The Streets Apartments Hotelcloud app, that will enable them to discover all the needed information about their new home, and allow them to order internal services and amenities to completely personalize their apartment before arriving.

  • « Just like a hotel » Emotion

Any guest deciding to stay at The Streets Apartments also has the desire to be taken care off just like in a hotel, but while being ‘at home’.

To convey this emotion, The Street Apartments have set up two important elements.
✓ The Streets Apartments Concierge App : The Streets Apartments app is put forward as a concierge app to guests. With this app, guests can just like in a hotel, have access to The Streets Apartments directory, order extra towels, maid services and much more…
✓ The Streets Apartments Lobby : When arriving in Barcelona, guests have to go through a single and dedicated reception lobby to collect their keys, and other useful information. Just like a hotel they are then shown to their respective buildings and apartments.
These two elements added un top of the « feeling at home » emotion, allow travelers to feel pampered and taken care of while being in the comfort of their ‘Home’.

  • Long lasting Friends Emotion

As mentioned, The Streets Apartments was created by a group of travelers, a group of friends who wanted to make Barcelona their home.
To convey this emotion, they found the perfect way to make themselves available to any traveller, by setting up on the The Streets Apartments app, a chat bubble for guests to ask any questions they should have regarding the apartment or the city.  Along with that, all The Streets Apartments best tips and advices are added in the app for travelers to make the most of their stay in Barcelona.

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