► Le Pigalle Paris

A Neighborhood Story

Behind the scene

Located at the very heart of the infamous Pigalle neighborhood, Le Pigalle Paris 4-star hotel succeed into recreating this touch of authenticity that the area used to convey back in the days.
The 40-room hotel has put its strength into building a unique identity with the help of newspaper sellers, photographers, bakers, mixologists, vintage furniture experts and many more…

The focus was now to make sure that this identity was properly transmitted to guests.

Hotelcloud & Le Pigalle

How did Hotelcloud succeed in conveying the Pigalle Paris experience to guests, before, during and after their stays?

✓ Booking confirmation - Introduction email
Guests who book their stay at the hotel are instantly informed about the Le Pigalle Paris' Hotelcloud app, by receiving a tailored confirmation email, designed for Le Pigalle Paris by Hotelcloud.
This email which conveys the Pigalle Paris atmosphere is automatically sent via the Protel Messenger mailing tool, to which Hotelcloud is integrated.

✓ Prepare your stay - Reminder email
Few days before the expected check-in date, guests receive a second email inviting them to prepare their stay using the Pigalle Paris Hotelcloud app.
Again using the Protel Messenger mailing tool, this second email serves as a gentle reminder that services such as booking private chauffeur, room personalization or chatting can instantly be done using the Pigalle Paris app.

✓ Check in - In Room iPad
The 40 rooms of the hotel are all equipped with an iPad Air. Guests are automatically logged into the iPad on the Hotelcloud app as soon as they walk in the room via the Protel PMS integration. This allows them to instantly interact with the hotel staff to order their room service or extra pillows… The idea behind this experience is consistency, as the promoted app (introduction and reminder email) stays the same on the iPad.
The experience goes even further as the iPad app contains a specific Pigalle music playlist which can be listened to the in-room speakers using the Hotelcloud Airplay feature.

✓ Check out – Thank you email
When checked out, the Pigalle experience operates a final time with the automatic sending of a Post stay email, thanking the guests and inviting them to leave a comment on the app's guestbook or on TripAdvisor.

By being present and consistent at every level of the guest stay, Le Pigalle Paris’ all round experience is starting to make a name for itself.

The Technology Behind

The technical aspects of the Pigalle Project include : 

✓ Html emails are designed by the Hotelcloud creative team, and sent using the Protel Messenger mailing tool. Unlimited rules and emails can be sent for specific events such as check-in /out, birthday etc. The content is directly linked to the Pigalle Paris Hotelcloud app.

✓ An interface with Protel PMS allows guests accounts to be automatically created and charges posted to bill

✓ iPads are preloaded with an enterprise IPA and controlled via a Mobile Device Management (MDM) to guarantee silent updates

✓ In-room iPads are auto logged-in when guests check-in and guests are provisioned so no account creation is needed from in-room iPads

✓ The Airplay feature is hardcoded into the app, and speakers and pre synched to the iPad

✓ At guest check-out, the iPad instantly logs out and is reset for future use